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So, as you guys might have noticed, I am the new founder of the group,
There will be some minor changes, that I really want to talk about with you guys, so if you have any suggestions/opinions feel free to message me.

Anyway, my name is Jill. Who are you guys? Want to introduce yourselves? I would love to get to know you guys, and please, tell me what you want to see in this group, I would love to know.
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Legends and History
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Tutorials and empty Templates
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Random Fandom
Grandma Fox's Remedy by Nifty-D

Group Info

As you might have guessed from the title, our group is basically about the battle of all existing fandoms.
All fandoms are welcome here, from Monchichis over Alien vs. Predator and Sailormoon, to even your own grandmother! Let them fight against each other, may the better fandom win!

For more information, please click here!
If you've got any questions, don't be afraid to ask the admin(s)! ;)
Founded 7 Years ago
May 1, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

54 Members
59 Watchers
9,801 Pageviews
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:star: RULES :star:

1.) Please submit your deviations into the right folder. The folder descriptions can be found below the rules.
If you don’t put your artwork into the right folder, we will deny your submissions! Feel free to resubmit but make sure that you choose the right folder this time.

2.) In our group, every fandom is welcome. So you might see some works you probably won’t like. If that’s the case, you can simply ignore the artwork.
Don’t flame on other people's artworks or profiles!
If we find out that someone’s flaming or trolling around here, we will block that person from the group. So, no flaming at all!

3.) Please, submit only your best works here! We don’t accept any WIPs (Works In Progress), scraps and pictures which can’t be considered as art, even for a beginner.

4.) Original characters can only be accepted if they are part of a certain fandom (e.g. fan characters).

5.) Have fun, this isn't a real battle guys, its a way to meet people and have some fun sharing your fandom.


:bulletgreen: Featured
Admin use only. Admins will select the best works to go in here

:bulletyellow: Anime/Manga
This is the folder for all fanart of any animes and mangas you can think of. If you’ve got Fan Characters based on a specific Anime or Manga, please submit them to this folder.

:bulletorange: Cartoons/Comics
This is the folder for all artworks based on comics and/or cartoons (e.g. Snoopy, Asterix, Batman). If there’s a movie or TV show of a certain comic (e.g. Spiderman, Batman), you can submit your deviation to this folder or the Movies/TV Series-folder. It depends on what’s the focus of the picture (movie or comic).

:bulletpink: Games
Here you can submit all fanart based on games of the different gaming platforms (e.g. Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Prince of Persia). If there’s a movie or an anime/manga of a specific game, you can choose where you’d like to submit your picture. It can be submitted to this folder or to the Movies/TV series- or Anime/Manga-folder.

:bulletred: Movies/TV series
Please submit artwork based on movies or TV series here. Artwork based on cartoon series or animes should go into the Comics/Cartoons- or Anime/Manga-folder.

:bulletpurple: Celebrities
That’s the folder for all artwork of famous people. Every artwork which includes someone famous will go into this folder, from Caesar over George Clooney ‘til Jeffrey Dahmer (except musicians, these go into the Band/Musicians-folder).

:bulletblue: Science Fiction
Here you can submit all your artwork based on SciFi movies (e.g. Star Wars, Predator), novels, TV series and comics. So all Jedi knights, aliens and UFOs are to be put in here.

:bulletgreen: Fantasy/Creatures
This is the folder for all kinds of fantasy artwork and artwork of magical creatures (e.g. Vampires, Trolls, Elves).

:bulletyellow: Books/Novels
As the name says it, in this folder goes everything which is based on books or novels. If there’s a movie or a TV series based on a novel, you can choose the folder in which you’d like to submit your artwork. If the main focus is on the novel, submit it here, if it’s on the movie/TV series, you can submit it into the Movie/TV-series-folder.

:bulletorange: Bands/Musicians
In this folder you can submit all your artwork of musicians, bands or stuff based on songs, albums, etc. (Pictures based on songs, fanart of band mascots, ...)

:bulletpink: Animals
That’s the folder for all artworks of animals.

:bulletred: Legends/History
In this folder you can submit all artwork based on history and legends. If you have a portrait of some historical person, you can also submit it into the Celebrities-folder.

:bulletpurple: Tutorials/Empty Templates
Please submit your tutorials or empty templates into this folder.

:bulletblue: Literature
That’s the folder for all written works. Please don’t submit any pictures here!

:bulletgreen: Random Fandom
This folder is for every stupid fandom you can think of. You’re a fan of your own granny? Cool, submit a picture of her here.
You really loooOOOooove the Admins and made fanart of them? Great, submit it here!


:star: Our super-cool affiliates. :star:
Feel free to take a look at those groups.
We affiliate with all kinds of groups, just send us an affiliation request, there's no need to ask first. :)







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Douglas Gresham Talks Narnia's Future!

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Ghost Yoda To Appear In Star Wars Episode VII?

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Justice League To Be Shot Back To Back With Batman vs Superman?

Most fans pretty much understand that Warner Bros. highly-anticipated "Batman Vs. Superman" will lead into a Justice League team movie, with new casting additions such as Batman ( Ben Affleck ) and the newly cast Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ) confirmed for this "Man of Steel" sequel. The latest unconfirmed report claims that Warner Bros. is actually shooting both Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League back-to-back, employing the . . .

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Godzilla Trailer Release Date Announced?


The new "Godzilla" trailer is unarguably one of the most anticipated bits of marketing awaited by movie fans literally across the globe. From Corvallis, Oregon to the Pacific coast of Honshu in Japan. Today, Legendary Pictures Studio has teased the date the first teaser, dropping a trailer release on Godzillamovie's Twitter page. The upcoming debut for the teaser will be . . .

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Casting Call Hints Wonder Woman In Batman Vs. Superman?


A casting call issued by Warner Bros. for Batman Vs. Superman has lead to speculation around Hollywood that the studio is seeking an actress to play Wonder Woman in this highly-anticipated sequel. While there aren't many details on the character, the studio is seeking an actress who is physically strong and can play between the ages of 25 and 35 for this leading role. The studio has neither confirmed nor denied that the part is Wonder Woman, although many talent agencies have been submitting actresses with the . . .


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jayce76 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013

Minions Gets a New Summer Release Date!


Universal Pictures Entertainment recently announced that its upcoming animated spin-off "Minions" has been pushed from its December 19, 2014 release date to July 10, 2015. No reason has been given for the move, so one can only suspect that the studio thinks the film will work better over a summer release. There are no other movies currently slated for on that date, but it comes between heavy hitter's like . . .


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J.J. Abrams Hints Benedict Cumberbatch Might Be In Star Wars: Episode VII? Can't Miss!


We're quickly coming upon the one-year anniversary of the announcement that Disney purchased LucasFilm, with the intent to have "Star Wars: Episode VII" in theaters by 2015. In that year, we've heard nothing but rumors about the cast and story, with the studio remaining silent for twelve long months. The one big rumor that keeps floating to the surface only, to get knocked down again and again, is "Benedict Cumberbatch" as a rumored "Sith Lord". Latino Review has said that the famed actor was all but in, only too have his Reps and the Studio denied it, saying he was out, and then . . .


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